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"Clean nature is really valuable for me and when I had my birthmarks removed then I used Curetik balm for faster healing process. It really healed smooth and fast. Also, I like that I can use it for try skin or any other problem area. Very pleased!"

- Katrin

"I've tried both - the Female Force body scrub and Curetik balm. Both products have won a big place in my heart. The body scrub makes skin so wonderfully soft, and the smell that stays on the skin after use is so pleasant, in addition, the skin is like a baby's :) Curetik WONDERFULLY helps with pimples. As soon as I get them I use this balm and they are practically gone for the morning. In addition, I have also used it as a foot cream and it has also helped against my rough soles! Wonderful products and can't wait for more wonderful products to come!"

- Mari Ojasaar

"For me Female Force body scrub and Curetik balm share nature and they are enabling me to be able to take care of my body the purest way. In addition, the scrub is making my soul shine as well as my skin. Moreover, it has an amazing scent :) I have used Curetik balm to soften the rough spots that suddenly appear during the winter and so far all the roughness has vanished and my skin is back to the soft and silky texture. Thank you Herbazen! "

- Hannaliis Ruuven

"I've been using Curetik balm for a long time and I recommend it a lot! You do not need to apply a lot so it will last for a long time. I've used it to heal both pimples and wounds and they do heal faster. I recommend it!"

- Anita Sibul

Brand creator Mai-Liis Kivistik

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