Caring for Mother Earth

Photo: Airi Leon

Foto: Airi Leon

Nature is a conductor who always plays the music of his choice. We danced to his instruments and never the other way around. It is logical that a conscious person also follows the green footprint when consuming. Since we create our products with nature it is very important for us to take care of Mother Earth at the same time.

Herbazen products are generally packaged in glass jars, which are good for the environment because they can be recycled. Since light and heat usually damage the oil, we have chosen dark glass, which protects the contents of the jar from external influences.

Even before the creation of the first ointment, we had the goal to avoid overpacking the products. When you think of any other product areas then why a toothpaste or a candle has another package around? Yes, it will be added because it can accommodate more information and possibly emphasize the design. But is all this really necessary!? In most cases, the packaging is thrown in the trash immediately after opening.

We do not pack any of our products in a box for direct sales. The jar comes directly and only in the form of a jar. Our design is beautiful without a box :)

After making a purchase from the e-store the order will reach you by post in a cardboard box which is easy to use e.g. for a storage of your dried herbs.

After using the product, bring the glass jar back to us at the fairs and we will thank you for the effort with a little surprise! We can take the returned jar back into production and this way less garbage is generated.

Thank you for caring for yourself and Mother Earth!