Yoga is a practice of body and mind that began about 5,000 years ago and does not require you to be religious to participate. In the West, yoga began to gain popularity in the late 19th century. Yoga is now widely known for its postures called asanas, but they were not at all a part of India's original yoga traditions. Physical training was not the goal there, instead the focus was on developing spirituality through breathing and mind exercises.

The father of classical yoga is Patanjali, who wrote the famous Yoga Sutras. These are the scriptures that provide a framework for developing a human mastery and give sense to how to possess the mind, control emotions, and develop spiritually. This is one of the most practical yoga texts that anyone can use in their daily lives.

Some people mistakenly think that they need to be young and flexible to start yoga, but it's like thinking that we should know how to dance before we attend a dance class. Feel free to get started and try, and you'll soon notice how yoga practice can help you become softer, more flexible, and open your mind.


Photo: Airi LeonFoto: Airi Leon

Yoga talks

Come and listen to Herbazen's interviews, which you can find on our YouTube channel as well as on our Facebook page or Spotify. We have quests that speak only Estonian but also quests who speak English. You can differentiate by the title of the links. The aim of these interviews is to bring yoga lovers closer to all of us by conducting weekly live conversations on our Facebook page, mainly focusing on yoga coaches and enthusiasts. We discuss the journey of finding themselves, the philosophy of life and the world of thought. The conversation is immediate and no one answers questions at home. We really are promt and fully present through the screen

Online courses

Currently available only in Estonian. More info can be found via Tšakradieet or Näojooga.

Yoga classes for English speakers as well

Summer classes happen only in Tantsugeen via online.

Mon 17.30 and 24h possibility to rewatch.