Our story


The deeper knowledge that inner balance and positive attitude in life are always in our own hands came to me in 2012. In the physical world there are many ways to bring yourself to your center: moving energy through yoga, breathing practices or meditations. Caring for our skin with the help of natural cosmetics also creates a better contact with oneself because skin is our largest organ and easily reflects the state of our health. In the same way, daily food that we eat and where our food comes from contributes to our well-being. A holistic approach is important, meaning to take the responsibility for your well-being and monitor it in every area of ​​life.

As a general rule people should be dependent on nature and be in direct contact with it because nature provides everything we need. Unfortunately, the situation has become a reality where nature also depends on man and his decisions. We can even say that life on Earth is unthinkable without plants. We inhale the oxygen produced by plants, use plants as food and medicine, and decompose dead plants to soil. Going a step deeper, you can see that plants communicate with us if we allow ourselves to listen. I recommend reading Daniel Chamovitz's book "What a Plant Knows". Every plant reaches to a person just when it is needed. The first plant that caught my attention was the Celandine, and at first I didn't understand why that plant wanted to come to my ointment, but the understanding came pretty quickly when I looked at myself as a whole. Each of us is a part of a bigger picture. The environment we live in affects us and we in return affect the environment.

I was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism in 2016, which, as a result of some examination, showed that stress could be the influence here. The function of the thyroid gland in the body is to produce hormones that regulate the body's functioning. In short, I had a situation where the thyroid gland was low in iodine and had difficulty working normally. Even then, I did not take medication to alleviate my health, because I strongly believe in the body's own ability to heal itself. In fact, I got everything under control by taking a bigger break and taking off the pace. Celandine is considered like a natural iodine, and when I reached this connection, the understanding of the desire to be a part of my first ointment became crystal clear. When absorbed through the skin, Celandine also stimulates the immune system and, as a result, increases the body's well-being.

Nature's connection to man is fascinating. Our lives are constantly fluctuating around the center. A person can be balanced or unbalanced. When we feel good and balanced, we are happy, full of energy and the body works great. The symbiosis of yoga and phytotherapy supports us in the process of finding the balance.


 Foto: Airi Leon