Face yoga

Regular practice of face yoga has been proven to help against aging, improve the structure and quality of the skin and prevent it from sagging. The facial muscles are not at all different from the rest of the body muscles. There are over 50 different muscles in the face, not all of which are used on a daily basis. Muscle passivity loosens the skin and leads to premature aging. As facial aging is due in part to a loss of muscle tone, committing to a facial yoga routine can make your entire face stronger and more youthful.

Remember that no one is too young or old for facial yoga and gender is not decisive.

Weekly workouts


face yoga

Photo: Triin Maasik

Workouts take place every Monday and Thursday 19:30 to 20:25 At the end of the lesson, you'll get a recording that you can use for practice for 7 days.

On Mondays, you can participate through Tantsugeen and register as for any other group class here: https: // www.hopitude.com/en/workouts/club/143//

There are regular classes on Herbazen on Thursdays and registration is done through https://fienta.com/et/naojooga.

It is also possible to support a ticket for both trainings from the Stebby system.

Before training your facial muscles, you should clean your facefrom makeup and dirt and apply a moisturizing ointment or face balm.

Virtual course



This 7-day intensive course will give you:

  1. Ideal tools for successfully training your face.
  2. 8 guided videos in Estonian;
  3. A closed Facebook group to share your route with.
  4. BONUS: PDF with information on plants that support the skin.

Purchase HERE .


Face yoga products

The set contains 3 very important 100% natural ingredients:

  1. Clensik Facial Oil;
  2. Happik facial balm;
  3. Jade roller.

Learn more HERE.


face yoga oil and face roller