Your personal face yoga plan

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The plan is designed to enhance or shape the structure of your face.

Get a personal face yoga plan to suit your needs – whether your goal is lusher lips, rounder cheeks, brighter skin, or something else.

The exercises vary, and the plan also includes useful skincare information. We have over 50 different muscles on our face, but not all of them are used on a daily basis. Muscle inactivity loosens the skin and leads to premature aging. As aging is partly an issue of the loss of muscle tone and tension, committing to face yoga can make your skin brighter and more youthful.


The personal facial yoga plan includes:

  • Pre-questionnaire

  • 15 exercises

  • 2 15-minute video calls (twice in 30 days)

  • Facebook closed support group

  • BONUS: List of plants suitable for the skin

  • BONUS: Guide - How to use a facial roller

  • BONUS: Clensik facial oil

Tracking your plan is very easy, but we suggest you update it once a quarter. If the repetitions remain the same for a long time, muscle development will slow down. Your body gets used to the movement and, once your muscles have adapted to specific exercises, there will be no more development. It is important to change your exercises.

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